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A new eight-episode dark comedy series from SHOWTIME, SMILF tells the semi-autobiographical tale of Southie native “Bridgette Bird” (Frankie Shaw), a working-class single mom struggling to give her three-year-old son “Larry Bird” (yes, like the basketball player) the best life she can – or at least a step up from her own. Adapting her Sundance Jury Prize winning short film, Shaw executive produces, writes, directs and stars in this raw look at the challenges of doing it on your own, particularly when you aren’t done growing up yourself. Bridgette juggles many part-time jobs (while harboring secret longings to play professional basketball) to make ends meet. The show explores issues of generational dysfunction, class, race, politics, sexual violence, co-parenting and above all, the possibility for a young broke single mom to dream of something better. Multiple Emmy® winner Rosie O’Donnell co-stars in her first regular television series role as “Tutu,” Bridgette’s stubborn mom who fetishizes “the way things used to be,” yet suffers from her own long-buried emotional trauma. Miguel Gomez plays Bridgette's ex and baby daddy “Rafi,” a recovering addict with a never-ending supply of good will and get-rich-quick schemes. His new relationship with the glamorous, always on-trend sportscaster “Nelson Rose Taylor” (Samara Weaving) provides a new source of conflict in their otherwise functional co-parenting relationship. Connie Britton guest stars as Bridgette’s unstable boss “Ally,” who struggles with boundary issues and a crippling desire for self-betterment. Additional guest stars include Raven Goodwin as Bridgette’s level-headed, real-talking best friend Eliza, Kimberley Crossman as “Kit-Cat” and Mark Webber as “Father Eddie,” a parish priest with a genuine, borderline unhealthy love for Bridgette’s entire family. Season 1 Premiere: November 5, 2017

8 episodes • 8 total episodes • 1 total seasons


Frankie Shaw (Bridgette)

Miguel Gomez (Rafi)

Samara Weaving (Nelson Rose)

Anna & Alexandra Reimer (Larry Bird)

Rosie O'Donnell (Tutu)


Executive Producers: Frankie Shaw, Michael London, Lee Eisenberg, Gene Stupnitsky, Scott King

Production Credit

ABC Signature Studios & Showtime Networks Inc.

(credits subject to change)

News & Press

  • Showtime Honored With Five Golden Globe Nominations

    Showtime Honored With Five Golden Globe Nominations

    This morning, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association honored SHOWTIME with five Golden Globe nominations, including top honors for freshman comedy SMILF. The network also received four lead acting nominations including nods for TWIN PEAKS star Kyle MacLachlan, SMILF star Frankie Shaw, SHAMELESS star William H. Macy and RAY DONOVAN’s Liev Schreiber.

  • Showtime Picks Up Smilf For Second Season

    Showtime Picks Up Smilf For Second Season

    SHOWTIME is picking up its hit comedy series SMILF for a second season, it was announced today by Gary Levine, President of Programming, Showtime Networks Inc. Created, starring and executive produced by Frankie Shaw, SMILF is a raw, honest look at the life of a 20-something single mom based on her Sundance Film Festival Jury Award-winning short film of the same name.

  • New Showtime Comedy Series SMILF Premieres Sunday November 5th

    New Showtime Comedy Series SMILF Premieres Sunday November 5th

    From quadruple threat Frankie Shaw (Mr. Robot), who serves as star, creator/EP, writer and director, SMILF takes a comedic look at the life of Bridgette Bird (Shaw), a young mom from South Boston whose desires for relationships, sex and a career collide with the realities of working-class single motherhood.